Youngest person to fly around the world – record attempt. July 2022

Mack Rutherford attempts to beat the world record for youngest person to solo around the world in a light aircraft.

At the time of writing – July 21st 2022, Mack Rutherford  is attempting at sixteen years old, to be the youngest person to solo circumnavigate the earth in a light aircraft.

His dedicated webpage covering the attempt can be found here.

Mack comes from a renowned aviation family. His sister Zara became the youngest female to circumnavigate the globe in 2021, despite all the Covid 19 restrictions.

Mack’s father, Sam Rutherford is an experienced international ferry pilot and heads the background support effort for both Zara and Mack’s world record attempts.

Mack’s route brought him to Chiang Mai on his way through Asia.  By the time he arrived at Chiang Mai International Airport (VTCC), he had a few technical issues with his Shark Ultralight aircraft, and the engine was in need of an oil service.

A warm welcome from local schools, flying clubs and the British Embassy awaited Mack at VTCC



Mack’s team contacted K.Koi, Nok Flying Club President to see if the club could help Mack.

Mack meets Flying Ed and K. Koi, Nok Flying Club President


Due to restrictions at Chinag Mai International Airport (VTCC) it was not practical to perform the work there, as K. Boonying, our local A&P had determined that some of the repairs needed specialist tools and parts.

Ben Savasti, British Consulate, and K. Boonying meet Mack at VTCC

Sam Rutherford reached out to Nok Flying Club, to see if we could help. Fortunately several members were on hand to pitch in, starting with Yve, Nok Airfield owner, who generously made Nok Airfield (VTCY) available for the young record breaker to land at.

Local permits for a domestic flight to Nok were obtained in record time by Thai Ground Handling, who were also sponsoring this flight in support of General Aviation.

On July 18th Mack landed at Nok, and work began to address all the sqwalks Mack reported needed attention before he set off again.

Mack arrives at Nok Airfield
Mack put to work, with Nok member, Capt Joe.


After a full days effort,  Mack was able to resume his epic journey with his Shark, fully operational..

Before he left, he picked up a Flying Scout souvenir to keep him company.

The Flying Scouts Hitch a ride


Mack Departs VTCC, July 19th, 2022


Mack departed Thailand on July 19th, and is now in The Philippines well on his way to achieving his goal.


Mack and Flying Ed

Gook luck Mack!


Mack Departs Nok Airfield - on his way to world record for youngest solo flight

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