The Flying Scouts need you, Yes You!

We cannot function without the help of others, and we cannot hope to make a difference to the lives of the animals we are trying to protect unless we can change the attitude of others equally.
Tony Smallwood taught us that anyone and everyone can make a difference, as daunting as it might seem at the beginning.

It starts by the power of one. If we can convince one person to help, one person to think about the environment, one person to talk to another person… it soon becomes the power of many.

Using aircraft may seem complicated, but the flying aspect of our activities is a tiny part of what we do. Most of the effort we expend is on the ground, and most of the help we need is really simple, from driving, to trekking, cleaning to photographing, it all adds up to a great result.

We are not looking for special skills, just good hearted people who want to find a simple way to make a difference, to some of the most endangered animals on our planet.
Sometimes we have to mobilize at short notice, such as the stranded whale event, where we wanted to highlight the plight before the carcass was disposed of.

…And we like to have fun doing it!

Local artists have designed artwork in support of our various projects, like this stunning gibbon design we now use as our logo for “The Flying Scouts – The Gibbon Guardians.”
If you would like to get involved with any of our projects, even just making other people aware of them, we would love to hear from you!