Nok Airfield – VTCY Regulations

General Regulations


Any aircraft using Nok Ban Thi Airfield (VTCY) must comply with all Thai laws, especially the Air Law (B.E. 2497) and with all rules and regulations of the Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT).
The operator of the airfield is responsible that all aircraft using VTCY follow precisely the Thai Air Law (B.E. 2497) and all other applicable Thai laws and regulations. In case of violation of any laws or regulations, the airfield operator has the duty, to ban violating aircraft from using the airfield and to report the aircraft and its crew to the CAAT.

The Airport Manager is authorized to check any aircraft and crew of aircraft using VTCY for compliance with Thai laws and regulations. They are especially authorized to inspect the aircraft documents and the licenses of the crew including but not limited to:-

  • 5 Year Permit.
  • Certificate of Registration (CoR).
  • Certificate of Airworthiness (CoA).
  • Valid insurance.
  • Radio Licenses.
  • Pilot License and medical.

Specific Regulations


  1. The airfield is open between 06:00 hours and 18:00 hours and under VMC only.
  2. Absolutely no takeoffs or landings (except in emergency) are allowed outside the opening hours or in IMC.
  3. Only aircraft with a maximum takeoff- or landing weight of not more than 7,500 kg are allowed to use the airfield.
  4. Aircraft of the government or of state enterprises, which do not operate commercial flights, are allowed to use VTCY preferably with prior notice.
  5. Only Persons with a valid Thai License or a valid Thai Endorsement of their License are allowed to act as crew in a Thai registered aircraft. The Airfield manager can request a copy of the License.
  6. The pilot in command of every aircraft using VTCY must read the Thai Air Navigation Act and must abide by it.
  7. The pilot-in-command of every aircraft using VTCY must read the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) and must abide by it and all NOTAMS.
  8. The pilot in command of every aircraft using VTCY must read and accept the Waiver of Liability.
  9. Only airfield tenants or persons accompanied by a tenant are allowed in the Hangars of VTCY.
  10. Tenants and Visitors are asked to help to keep the Apron, Clubhouse and Hangars clean and deposit any garbage in designated places.
  11. Before starting engines the pilot in command must be satisfied that all passengers are on board and that all persons outside the aircraft are at a safe distance from turning propellers, rotors and moving aircraft.
  12. Avoid prop wash in the direction of open hangar doors, parked aircraft during engine run-up and taxi.
  13. STRICTLY AVOID any flight near the King’s Palace on Doi Suthep
  14. No low flying allowed above congested areas nor less than 600 feet above highest terrain or obstruction
  15. Any incident or accident must be reported immediately to the CAAT, as well as to the airport manager.
  16. No overnight accommodation is permitted by any person.
  17. Cars must be parked in the designated parking areas and not block access to taxiways, aprons the runway or hangars.

For every flight

  1. Submit a Flight Plan for every flight(in Chiang Mai: Flight-Plan office at the international Airport Tel: 053 277 897) at least one hour prior to the estimated time of departure.
  2. The pilot in command of every aircraft using VTCY must sign the Airport Logbook located in the small filling cabinet outside the Members Lounge.
  3. Check the Weather for the planned route
  4. Check NOTAMs for the planned route
  5. Perform a visual inspection of the runway, taxiways and apron before every landing, takeoff or movement of the aircraft.
  6. Observe wind direction and wind speed before every landing and takeoff.
  7. Request takeoff Clearance by calling Chiang Mai Approach (053 277516) just before takeoff.
  8. Traffic circuit left runway 16, and right for runway 34. Circuit height 1’000 ft above ground level.
  9. After takeoff stay below 2000 ft initially and contact Chiang Mai APP, 129.60 MHz.
  10. All Flights must comply with all rules and regulations published in the Air Navigation Act of Thailand and the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) of Thailand.
  11. All Flights have to follow ATC instructions at all times.
  12. After landing vacate the runway as soon as practicable.
  13. Close the Flight-Plan after landing by reporting aircraft call sign and landing time (UTC) at VTCY to Chiang Mai TWR (053 277776).
  14. It is the sole responsibility of the pilot in command to properly secure the aircraft against theft, vandalism, weather and other damage while being parked at VTCY. Please check with the airport manager for available tie-down or hangar space

Refueling of Aircraft and Fire prevention

Smoking is not allowed in hangars, offices or closer than 5 meters to any aircraft or refueling equipment

The aircraft operator and pilot in command are responsible to ensure that persons refueling aircraft are aware of relevant safety and aircraft specific procedures contained in the operations or flight manual.
The following minimum conditions for refueling operations must be followed:

  1. Portable fire extinguisher must be available in vicinity of fueling operation.
  2. Use designated apron areas only for fueling .
  3. Applicable bonding and grounding procedures must be used.
  4. While refueling the aircraft, no aircraft maintenance shall be conducted which may provide a source of ignition for fuel vapors.
  5. Fuel is not to be stored in hanagrs.

All aircraft wishing to use VTCY must agree and follow the above stated regulations as a condition to be allowed to use the airfield.

Nok Airfield.

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