Visiting Nok Airfield – VTCY

Visiting Nok Airfield – VTCY.
Disclaimer: The following information is provided for information purposes only and does not represent in anyway the owner of Nok Airfield, nor Nok Flying Club.  Please contact the owner before landing at VTCY.

Runway Layout 16/34 Nok Airfield - VTCY. * Click on the image for full Approach Plate.

Nok Airfield is an open airport, however before landing non resident aircraft should contact the airport operator (not Nok Flying Club) by emailing to eveaircraft (at)

Flight Plans must be filed for all flights – 1 hour before departure – telephone Chiangmai Flight Planning 053277897.

Pilot’s must obtain clearance from Chiangmai Tower prior to departure – telephone 053277776

Pilot’s must call Chiangmai Approach immediately after departure – frequency 129.60.

– If unable to establish two way communication, return and land back at the airport.

After landing pilot’s must within one hour close the flight plan by contacting Chiangmai Tower with landing time – telephone 053277776

All flight departures and arrivals to be recorded in Nok Airfield Airport Log.

Beware of the neighboring airfield Lanna Aiport – VTCM with a 09/27 runway orientation. It is easy to mistake the two airports if you are not aware.

VTCY - Nok Airfield RW 16/34 on the left. VTCM - Lanna Airfield RW 09/27 on the right

Approximately 2Nm North East of Nok Airfield is  Yong Mai / Chiang Mai Sports Airfield. Keep a sharp look out for small Ultralight aircraft operating around base to final of Nok Airfield runway 16 especially early in the morning and late afternoons. They do not have radio or transponders some of the time.

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