Third Training Cage, kindly donated and built in Phuket by YSE Marine, arrives in Baan Jampee

Update – June 2016

Mee (and Champ) gives birth.. Mee and Champ, recently airlifted from Phuket to Chiang Mai have given birth to a healthy baby. The sex has not been determined yet.

YSE Marine Phuket, kindly manufacture and assemble a new training cage for Baan Jam pee

Flying Scouts, Pat James (Phuket Airpark), Ilco Nijstad, Gay, Chart, Moo (YSE Marine)

After hearing about the Baan Jam Pee Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, fellow pilots Pat & Ilco offered to help by using the resources of Ilco’s team of engineers from local Phuket company, YSE Marine Phuket.

Ilco quickly assembled a dedicated project group, headed by office manager Gay, and chief engineer Chart, to design, and build in sections an additional training cage which could be transported from Phuket to Chiang Mai.  In addition the engineers also volunteered to travel to Chiang Mai and help assemble it there.

Once the cage was mostly complete, WARF visited YSE Marine to discuss the logistics of the assembly.

A date of July 8th has been set to visit Baan Jam Pee to build the cage.  The engineers from YSE Marine have devoted their own time on this project, for which GRP and The Flying Scouts are very grateful.

The structure of the third cage is almost complete, and now just awaiting the metal netting.

Donations for the Gibbon Project – Any Amount!

Kasikorn Bank, Thanon Suthep Branch, Chiang Mai
Account Name: The Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand For GRPC
Account No. : 471-2-38244-4 . Swift Code. : K A S I T H B K

WARF IS A FULLY LICENSED CHARITY UNDER THAI LAW – LICENSE NO. GT 20.Qualified Charitable Organization in Thailand for TAX DEDUCTION license No. 741

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