Visitors to Nok Airfield – VTCY & Phuket Airpark – VTSW

Interesting Aircraft that have visited us.

Welcome to Nok Airfield & Phuket Airpark

Over the years several visitor aircraft have landed at Nok Airfield and Phuket Airpark. Here are some of the highlights.

Our good friends from Thai Sky Adventures stopped by in their Pilatus Porter PC6 during October 2020, to help out with some essential maintenance on various aircraft at Nok Airfield.

This stunning example of a Waco sadly crashed shortly after this picture was taken at Nok Airfield December 2019. Thankfully the pilot and passenger were unharmed, however the aircraft sustained severe damage. It is currently being restored. Hopefully it will grace the skies once again soon.

Sadly a round the world trip – Handiflight Round the World – promoting flying by disabled pilots in 2018 ended up in tragedy when one of the pilots – Mike Lomberg, crashed and died attempting to land at Thai Flying Club VTBT – Bangpra the flight originated at Nok Airfield.

The Support Aircraft for the Handiflight - disabled round the world flight. A Piper Comanche from Switzerland

This Turbine Float Cessna 206 visited Phuket Airpark during a round the world flight. 2016

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