The Dugong Shepherds 13th Aerial Survey – 2020

13th Anniversary of the Flying Scouts Aerial Dugong Survey

2020 Dugong Survey Team.

It took approximately 3 months to replace Miss Dippy’s windscreen with Mike Wilson’s invaluable help. This coincided with the rainy season in Thailand so no flying conservation opportunities were lost.

Once the repairs were completed, it was time to start planning the 2020 Dugong survey mission.

Trang was chosen first this year as the early morning high tides worked in our favour.

Mother and Calf pairs
This year we spotted several mother and calf pairs
This calf is quite mature, circa 18 months old and will soon leave it's mother
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The area to be surveyed was once again Koh, Muk and Koh Talibong.

With Koh Talibong offering some excellent large group observations.

The population appears to have stabilised around the same numbers as 2019, approximately 250 animals.


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Some minor technical issues with Miss Dippy were attended to during the mission with excellent support from the Marine Coastal Resources Team.

Unusually, due to the timing of high tides this year, Trang was surveyed before Krabi. During the Krabi part of the survey, The Flying Scouts had to cut short the annual survey due to Covid-19.  and so the Krabi part of the survey had to be canceled when both Krabi and Phuket provinces went into Covid lockdown.

In order to avoid being stranded during lockdown in Phuket or Krabi, Flying Ed had to fly Miss Dippy out urgently at dawn and fly her back to Chiang Mai, Nok Airfield.

Photography (c) DMCR.

Despite all the uncertainty during this years mission due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the team still managed a light hearted rendition of the Miss Dippy Song!

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