Maliee – HS-TOM

Piper PA46-350P Jetprop DLX

Maliee – HS-TOM

HS-TOM, a Piper PA46-350P Jetprop DLX, affectionately known as “Maliee” is also used in the Gibbon Guardian project to transport the Gibbons.

Maliee has a Pratt and Whitney PT6A-35 Turbine engine, that likes to fly high – FL270, and fast – 260 Kts, burning JetA1 fuel.

She is capable of carrying six people a distance of 1,000 Nm. Unusually for this class of aircraft, Maliee can land and take off from very short runways, including grass surfaces.

Her home base is VTCY Nok Airfield in Chiang Mai, and VTSW – Phuket Airpark.
Some great footage of Maliee operating from short airfields can be seen here.

HS-TOM - First Landing at Phuket Airpark - VTSW

HS-TOM - First Take off Phuket Airpark - VTSW

Donations for the Gibbon Project – Any Amount!

Kasikorn Bank, Thanon Suthep Branch, Chiang Mai
Account Name: The Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand For GRPC
Account No. : 471-2-38244-4 . Swift Code. : K A S I T H B K

WARF IS A FULLY LICENSED CHARITY UNDER THAI LAW – LICENSE NO. GT 20.Qualified Charitable Organization in Thailand for TAX DEDUCTION license No. 741

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