The Flying Scouts

The Flying Scouts are a small group of enthusiasts using small aircraft, photography and willpower to help conservation and humanitarian projects mainly around Thailand.


The original concept was formed when Tom Potisit and Eduardo Loigorri (“Flying Ed”) joined together in helping the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation (WARF) to conduct aerial survey flights to help protect the endangered Dugong species in Southern Thailand.

Since then we have recruited many volunteers who have helped in various projects.

We are self-financed, using our own equipment, time and effort towards worthwhile projects.
We have access to various small aircraft, but mainly use HS-EAL, a two seat Tecnam P92JS high wing aircraft for conducting the low level survey flights of Dugongs and Whales, as well as helping rehabilitate Gibbons.

…. and HS-TOM a six seat Piper PA46-350P Jetprop for logistics, and humanitarian flights.

Four years ago, Mike Wilson and his wife Harriette kindly joined the flying Scouts.

Mike a very experienced pilot and engineer took the bold and generous decision to construct a purpose built aircraft to assist with the surveys.  HS-CRZ was the result of that decision and has become an integral part of the Flying Scouts fleet.

Mike’s biggest fan and supporter – Harriette is always welcoming visitors to Nok Airfield with a warm smile.

Our motivation has been to use small aircraft for the benefit of others especially animal conservation and humanitarian relief, whilst raising awareness that one person can make a difference…

We were inspired by our dear friend – Tony Smallwood, who encouraged us to use our skills in Thailand. Tony sadly passed away in 2013, but we are determined to continue his legacy.

At the heart of our missions are the many volunteers who help with all aspects of our projects. Without them, none of this would be possible.

Dr Kongkiat, the PMBC team, Nok Flying Club and the Flying Scouts – Dugong Survey 2014