Parking at Nok Airfield – VTCY

Transient parking maybe available in a hangar, or on a designated grass parking area with prior arrangement.

200 Liter drums of AvGas can be arranged by special order with a minimum of one weeks notice and is subject to availability from the local PTT Chiang Mai Depot.  in addition to the cost of the fuel, the cost of the drum and transport from the PTT depot to Nok Airfield will need to be paid in advance.

All aircraft engine starts to be conducted over the white lines indicated on the hangar plan below.

Visiting vehicles are not to drive on the runway, and must be parked in the blue parking spots shown. Please be considerate of the other airfield users when parking.

The hangars are marked as buildings 1 – 10, and are normally occupied by Nok Airfield aircraft.

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