We are fortunate to have several aircraft at our disposal, the use of which are donated for free. Behind the scenes a lot of maintenance expertise is also given freely, keeping the costs to a minimum.

At the heart of the Dugong Shepherds is HS-EAL, also affectionately known as “Miss Dippy”.

Operated by Chiang Mai Flying Club; HS-EAL is a two seat high wing Tecnam P92JS aircraft with a 100 HP Rotax piston engine. 

She likes to fly low and slow and with her doors off, makes an excellent camera platform for aerial surveying.

The other great advantages are a very quiet engine, which does not disturb the animals, and the ability to use car petrol as fuel, thus greatly simplifying the operation.


Her home base is Nok Airfield in Chiang Mai, but during the marine survey season, she is based at Phuket Airpark, Krabi Airport, and Trang Airport.

We also use HS-EAL for surveying potential Gibbon release sites, and forest fire prevention.



For logistical support, aand humanitarian relief we use HS-TOM. A Piper PA46-350P Jetprop, six seat low wing aircraft. 

This aircraft can travel across Thailand without the need to refuel, and is primarily used to move people and equipment.

HS-TOM, affectionately known as “Maliee” is also used in the Gibbon Guardian project to transport the Gibbons.

Maliee has a Pratt and Whitney PT6A-35 Turbine engine, that likes to fly high and fast, burning JetA1 fuel.

Her home base is Nok Airfield in Chiang Mai, and Phuket Airpark.

Some great footage of Maliee operating from short airfields can be seen here.















HS-CRZ is a Zenair 750 Cruzer designed for slow flight with the doors removed, making it an ideal photography platform. It’s home base is also Nok Airfield where it lives next door to HS-EAL



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